Scientific proof of Colour Light Therapy efficacy

  • I have on several occasions heard people say: I don't believe that Colour Light Therapy works, it's only because you believe in it that you get better (as if it made a difference, in my book better is better)

    Nonetheless, I decided to do some research. It turns out that there is a significant amount of scientific studies on the subject whether or not CLT is an effective form of therapy.

    Among them, I found two articles that are especially interesting. The first one is on CLT used as pain relief therapy in a retirement home in Italy. Though CLT is here referred to as "chromopuncture", this is simply another name for the same therapy. The results, summed up in this quote from the study, are impressive: "Already after a first non-specific session, pain was reduced by 30%. Comparing pain levels before and after the study, it was found that pain was reduced in 89% of the cases, with complete pain disappearance in all but one patient. Moreover, the subjects' quality of life increased noticeably according to their subjective assessment."

    The study can be found here: (PDF) ABSTRACT in inglese (researchgate.net)

    The second article was published in the American Journal of Acupuncture in 1999. Again, the term used to name the therapy is different, "colorpuncture", though in practice the method is exactly the same. This article sums up five studies, following the treatment of a large number of people of all ages suffering from very different conditions: migraine, chronic insomnia, acute and chronic bronchitis, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and uterine fibroids (myomas). Therapy results vary for every group of treatment, but they are even better than in the previous study. In some cases they show a dramatic improvement, I quote from the article: "A cure or improvement rate of 95% among subject's symptoms (migraine) which remained stable for months or years is certainly a higher success rate than is being achieved with standard medical treatment. Finally, these results were achieved with a very small number of treatments in patients who appear to have had severe symptoms."

    A summary of the article can be read her: Esogetic Colorpuncture™ | Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute

    I would like to underscore that these studies try to assert the efficacy of CLT as a treatment against physical illnesses exclusively, and that they make no attempt at exposing the potential of CLT as a healing tool for mind and soul (maybe with the exception of the children suffering from ADD) Such potential is huge, and allows us to address and heal karmic issues inherited from previous lives, and even from our ancestors' lives, breaking a chain of suffering otherwise past on from generation to generation.

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