Tachyon Particles and Tachyon Healing

  • When I saw Ma Ananda Sarita wearing the TACHYONIZED™ VORTEX PENDANT (for more info: http://www.ananda-sarita.com/tachyon-vortex-pendatns/) in 2015, at the time when we started the Soul Mate Training, I immediately knew that this was something I desired too, without any doubt although I didn’t know anything about it. After completing “Vertical Reality” I and II training, I felt the difference so clearly! The TACHYONIZED™ VORTEX PENDANT is a highly potent tool and a wonderful piece of jewellery all in one. The Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant produces a spiral energy field (vortex) so strong that within a few hours of wearing it, all horizontally tilted energy fields flip back to their natural vertical position. This is the beginning of a process which leads to the fully conscious incarnation of our divine self. This development happens “self-dynamically” and is the result of the purifying and accelerating flow of universal life force energy through the entire system unified by the Tachyonized™ Vortex Pendant. Existing blockages and personality structures that do not express the essence of our divine being are stirred up and prepared for final elimination. And this process is experienced gracefully and effectively – it is like getting a driving license for a vertical energy system.
    TACHYON, a term that in Greek means “swift” was adopted by physicists in the 1960’s to describe a faster than light particle which according to physics is “beyond velocity, omni-present, carries 100% potential of all form, beyond time, eternal, and formless”. Tachyon is considered by quantum physics to be the “messenger” of the Zero Point Field, which is what people commonly think of as “Source”. Both the Zero Point Field and Tachyon have a “negative entropy” effect. Entropy is the process of decay and dying. Negative entropy is life in a state of rejuvenation and renewal. Here I would like to share what Sarita has said: “Once I had learned it and experienced the effects of it, I knew that this mind-bending new technology had to be made available to as many people as possible. It was the beginning of my love affair with Tachyon. Now, I can’t imagine life without it, since its beneficial effects are so far reaching, for physical health, spiritual expansion and balancing the environment.”
    PROFESSOR DAVID WAGNER is a Californian engineer and the man behind Tachyonization. While at the peak of a very successful career, he had an accident which ruptured three vertebra in his back. Subsequently he was declared to be “crippled for life” by eight different specialists. After two years of constant agonizing pain, he had a dramatic insight into how to create a machine which could restructure materials on a sub-molecular level, transforming them into permanent Tachyon antennae. He built the machine and used the first Tachyonized™ products to treat his back. Within 6 months he was free of pain and no longer a cripple. The news of this remarkable discovery spread, and today there are hundreds of his Tachyonized products being used with tremendous results by thousands of people in 96 countries around the world (for more info: About Prof. David Wagner https://tantra.healing-energy.com/about-david-wagner/
    TACHYON’S WORKING PRINCIPLE. Being a non-frequency type of healing method, Tachyon cannot harm or push our bodies out of balance (like Reiki). David Wagner tells us that our bodies absorb this rejuvenating source energy, turn it into the physical frequency we need, and only take in as much as is needed in that moment. It is the body’s own intelligence which determines the amount of Tachyon we absorb.

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